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Perfume oil agarwood tomfrd By alnaqi fragrances is a soothing, elegant, and enchanting Oudh fragrance for men and women, without any floral or fruity notes. The perfume begins woody with peppery spiciness of Oudh, sandalwood, rosewood, cardamom, and Sichuan pepper. The heart note appears warmer and creamier with vetiver, tonka beans, and vanilla. Amber in the base completes the perfume warm and calming. Although the perfume is suitable for women and men, it tends to be more masculine, especially the top note. Women who don't like flowery sweet perfumes will appreciate this fragrance. Tom Oudh perfume is a timeless and elegant fragrance that is perfect for any occasion. Fragrance: woody, warm spicy, balsamic, Oudh, aromatic

Agarwood Tamfrd

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